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Fungi, Dikarya, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Agaricomycetes, Agaricomycetidae, Agaricales, Niaceae
Aktueller Name gem. MycoDB
Current name: Flagelloscypha Donk, Lilloa 22: 312 (1951) [MB#17597] Taxonomic synonyms: Calathella D.A. Reid, Persoonia 3: 122 (1964) [MB#17213]

Flagelloscypha und Lachnella scheinen in deren Stellung und bezüglich der Art- und Weise der Abgrenzung nicht vollkommen geklärt zu sein. U.A. besteht die Frage ob die Sporenform höher als die Intensität der Inkrustierung der Randhaare einzustufen ist.

Gattungsbeschreibung Funga Nordica
Fruitbody cyphelloid with white hairy outside. Fruitbody low to deep cup-shaped or bell-shaped, sessile or very short stipitate, 0.1-1mm in diameter, resembling a small discomycete, white. Outside finely to coarsely hairy, white. Hymenium smooth, whitish.
Spores pip-shaped or fusiform, often flattened on one side, more rarely ovoid to subglobose, hyaline, sometimes occurring in tetrads. Basidia clavate to suburniform, 2- or 4-spored, but mature basidia soon collapsing and often difficult to find. Clamps present. Cystidia absent. Outside covered with or very pale brownish hairs, thin- to thick-walled, wholly or partly encrusted, cylindrical with an obtuse apex, or in most species apically tapering into a smooth flagellate apex or apex capitately swollen, without iodine reactions or slightly dextrinoid. Conidia sometimes formed from apex of the flagella or from other hyphae associated with the fruitbody.


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